Testimonials from 2012-2013 Clients



Bryan changed my life! I truly believe that my applications would have been weak without his help. It is often difficult to think positively through the tough MBA application process. He is really kind and always motivated me a lot. He is also excellent at bringing out clients’ best qualities and characteristics. Brainstorming with him allowed me to remember a lot of my own strong points to write in my essays. I think he has a magical force that makes it easier for his clients to objectively think about ourselves. His editing also helped me effectively highlight my strong points. It was often difficult for me to come up with good words to use in my essays. But Bryan always told me suitable words to effectively write my ideas. Finally, the mock interview service was very practical and useful. I was able to experience a variety of types of interview and he gave me helpful advice to improve my interview skills. After several mock interviews with him, I felt really confident and did actually quite well at real interviews.


LBS (also accepted to UCLA Anderson)


It was my pleasure working with Bryan, and I am confident that I would not have been able to reach to the finish line of my MBA application without him. I would like to share few reasons to why I believe Bryan is the best partner for the process.

The first reason why I chose Bryan as my consultant was his exceptional editing skills and talent in bringing out the best story from me. He always respected the natural ideas that I had, and at the same time, added flavors and colors which dramatically sharpened the story which I wanted to tell. What I really liked about his consulting style was that he always persuaded me to think deeply in each story, which really helped me understand who I was, what I am expecting from my MBA, and what I wanted to do in my future career.

The second reason is his prompt response and his flexibility to adjust to my schedule. When I needed his help in either writing essays or preparing for interviews, he was always there for me. Since I was very busy with my current work as an investment banker, he was always flexible in arranging meeting in very short notice. Whenever I asked him to edit my essays, I was able to get the output in a day or two. Some people fear the fact of not being able to meet him in person, but his style of using Skype for each meeting was the key to my success in a very tough schedule.

Lastly, his very friendly atmosphere and his talent in motivating the applicant at each stage is the greatest reason for why I chose Bryan. At the very beginning of the process when I was nervous, he helped me to relax and guided me to understand what I had to do. When I struggled with my tests, he always cheered me up, and helped me overcome the hard times. With the help from Bryan, I was able to enjoy my long journey of MBA application, and I feel that I was able to enhance my growth from this challenge.

There are so many other reasons to why strongly recommend Bryan as your MBA consultant, but the best way to find that out is by actually talking with him. I strongly recommend you to have the trial consulting, find them out yourself.


Kellogg (also accepted to Ross, Anderson, Fuqua, Darden, all with scholarships)


I wasn’t too sure about working with a consultant at all. Looking back on my experience working with Bryan, the top 3 reasons for which I would recommend him to anyone considering working with a consultant are:

1. Great knowledge about the schools and their distinct application process: Right from our first talk, Bryan had a clear plan as to how I could make my application and personal story shine the most to the eyes of each of my candidate schools. He is very well informed about the distinctness behind every top school program. I thought I was at a disadvantage because most MBA applicants from my country come from a finance or consulting background. Bryan pointed out that my background and accomplishments in a different field would actually distinguish me.

2. Great care to make the most out of my (very limited) $$$: Bryan’s proposal was to work with the 3-session “Lighthouse” service in a way that we would cover as much ground as possible. Even though we couldn’t go through each of my applications, Bryan focused his advice on how I could take the stories we worked on and adapt them for the other applications that were left. I really felt he did his best to give me the most value out of my limited budget; as a matter of fact, I even later called him to work on an extra interview prep session which marked a before and after in my interview performance. I totally trusted Bryan by that point.

3. Just a Great guy: I really appreciate the fact that Bryan is so responsible (ALWAYS on time) and a pleasure to work with, but what really led me to fully trust him was that he would always give it straight to me, 100% bullsh%t-free, when giving me his opinion about my essays and interview answers. At the end of the day, I can only compare his level of honesty and commitment to my success to the ones your true friends have with you. This is something money can’t buy.

My most sincere piece of advice to all you reading this is to consider working with Bryan as an investment, just like you know business school is. I had a different background, less-than-stellar GPA and very little optimism at all about my chances at my dream school but from the first day Bryan told me all the material needed was there. I guess he was right. I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but Bryan truly made me believe in myself. That is the best ROI I’ve ever gotten out of an investment.

Now, off to Kellogg!




I was admitted to one of my dream schools, Fuqua.  Most importantly, thank you very much Bryan.  I am confident that one of the most important assets I got through my MBA application is the encounter with you.  If I had not found you, I could not have been admitted to any of the schools I applied to.  I really appreciate your support and admire your stance as a professional advisor.  Thank you so much.


HBS (also accepted to Kellogg)


I came to know about Bryan from a friend of mine who had been admitted to Harvard. He introduced him to me as the best counselor. After the initial free consultation, I felt his warm and reliable personality and decided to work with him in May. He has greatly helped me or about half a year and I was finally able to get into my dream school. I really appreciate his sincere support during the whole application process.

Bryan’s service is notable especially in the following aspects:

1)    Flexibility and warmness: I was really busy with my work, sometimes coming back home around 2-3 am, and could not prepare satisfying drafts before some sessions. In such cases, he always took care of me and proactively asked me to reschedule so that we could utilize our time in the most effective way. The application process is really tough and we need to strike a balance among the application, work, and private issues. Without his flexibility and sincere support, I could not have overcome this tough process.

2)    Editing ability: With his background as a writer, he has a strong editing ability which always made my essay drafts easy to read and captivating with shorter lengths and appropriate wordings. Before editing, he asked me a lot of questions from various angles so that I could dig into myself deeper and deeper, always helping me to organize my way of thinking.

3)    Speed and punctuality: He always responded to my inquiries and essay drafts very quickly, at the latest within 48 hours after I sent them. He is really punctual and does not postpone the deadline once he sets it. Also he offers counseling twice a week, each for about 50 minutes, which greatly helped me to keep the steady pace for the long preparation period. His speed and punctuality helped me prepare my application according to the planned schedule.

Moreover, I also liked his interview training. After building the foundation of my interview skills through the first few interview trainings, he started to ask various advanced and customized questions which deeply dug into the content of my application and really helped me prepare for the interviews.

“You deserve it!” I will never forget these words that he gave me a day before the HBS interview. He always motivated me throughout the whole application. I couldn’t have overcome this toughest application process without Bryan’s sincere help. Thank you, Bryan!!


INSEAD (also accepted to Kellogg)


Two years ago, I worked with another counselor and was rejected from every school I applied to. It was a painful experience. This year, I worked with Bryan and was accepted from some of the world’s top schools. Getting support from Bryan was one of the greatest reasons why I had positive results this year. I believe he distinguished himself in the following two ways:

– Professionalism: He dedicated himself to my success. He was a faithful partner during the whole application process and never gave up developing the best stories with me. He always attempts to understand you and dig out the best stories you have. I saw him as a reliable partner because he usually responded to my emails no later than half a day or so and did editing quickly and beautifully.

– Personality: Bryan is humble and even-tempered. He always gave me helpful suggestions but let me decide whether to accept the suggestions. He respected my ideas and decisions, and tried to extract the best story from my experience. I also felt easy interacting with him because he was always settled and cheered me up, even when I was pressed or upset. My former counselor’s approach was different. He tried to convince me to accept his suggestions and to gaudily decorate my experience. He easily revealed his emotions when he was dissatisfied or frustrated. It’s up to you what type of counselor to work with, but I personally preferred working with Bryan.

Last year I felt that applying was a frustrating process, but this time I really enjoyed the MBA application process and had great results. It was simply fun to work with a trustful and smart partner – Bryan. If you want to get the best results in applying to graduate schools, I wholeheartedly recommend you work with him.


INSEAD (also accepted to Cambridge)


I don’t think the category of mere “admission consultant” fully captures the rich value of Bryan’s service. I consider his service more like the service of personal trainer or coach, or perhaps a mentor who will help you to bring the best value out of you and guide you to the path of your dream career beyond your dream MBA. A successful athlete needs a great coach.

Without a doubt, it was one of the best investments that I had made during my MBA admission journey, if not for my long-term career itself.  If you are looking for the following qualities in your admission consultant, I strongly recommend you to have a free consultation session with Bryan.

  1. Commitment to your long-term success: He will give you extremely personal attention and will be there to assist your success. He sent me essay feedback and consultation sessions even when he was suffering without electricity and water after the devastating aftermath of massive hurricane Sandy.
  2. Honest, Rigorous, and Kind: He’ll tell you whether you and your application are competitive for your dream schools (or not). He’ll be there when your quality doesn’t meet his (very) high expectations, but he will be there to guide you to exceed that high standard. He will believe in your potential and won’t let you compromise.
  3. Punctual & high performance: When Bryan says that he’ll get back to you with his feedback on your essay draft tomorrow afternoon, you WILL receive his reply tomorrow afternoon (or tomorrow morning, most likely) with a surprising quality and quantity of feedback.
  4. Simply fun & inspiring: No need for an explanation. Bryan has “depth” in his quality, and as he reveals his diverse and unique traits, you’ll enjoy them and be inspired.


Leaning Wharton, but maybe Kellogg


I am so happy I had Bryan help me throughout the business school application process. The entire process was a great opportunity for self-reflection. I learned so much about myself I never realized before, and I would not have been able to do this without Bryan. He guided me every step of the way in thinking about my values, my experiences, and how I had grown over the course of my life and where I want to go. There were difficult periods when I felt worn out or started losing motivation, but Bryan always kept me on track. I also appreciated his honesty. When a draft was horrible, he told me so outright. But in a way, it showed that he believed I could do better. He had a way of allowing me to let out my thoughts through our conversations, and I would eventually write down the contents of our conversation onto paper. When my thoughts were scattered, he always knew how to reorganize my ideas so it flowed right and brought out the right message. Bryan also helped me pace myself. I had a tendency to get nervous about deadlines, but Bryan always suggested realistic schedules and helped me relax. His tips during the interview preparations were very specific and helpful, and it was fun having these mock interviews.

I looked forward to our regular Skype meetings. We were focused, but we would always be laughing over something, giving each other updates on our personal lives, or exchanging some running tips. By the end, I felt Bryan had become a good friend. I hope to keep in touch with him, and I cannot express in words how thankful I am for helping me get into business school, the next step in achieving my dreams and passions.


Tuck (re-applicant)


It was a pleasure working with Bryan. As a reapplicant, I wanted to ensure that this year I get into a b school of my choice. Being an Indian applicant, I was at a significant disadvantage in terms of cost due to currency conversion, but Bryan offered a flexible hourly working model which suited me extremely well. His critiques were very helpful and overall ensured that my writing was more effective. I could see a marked change in the quality of my essays, and hence also why I didn’t make it last year. His style of engagement was closer to that of being my friend than a paid consultant. He was extremely accessible and reverted at short notice. I am extremely thankful for Bryan’s inputs which have resulted in an admit at Tuck.

Free Consultation Call – The call was the best I have ever had with any admissions consultant, and I have spoken to more than I can imagine. Why do I say so? The key differentiation was Bryan’s caring and warm attitude which set a comfort zone between us right from the word go. Bryan has a different approach to the free consultation – he reads through your resume, and also your essays if you have them ready, and gives you overall feedback on a) your candidature in general, b) your essay themes, and c) asks you questions to determine what aspects you could improve upon. As I well know, free consultation calls seldom go beyond the usual resume screening, GMAT score, and a sales pitch on services and fees.

Detailed Review

1. His edits were excellent – he ensured all word limits were met while not compromising any premises or themes

2. He is very ETHICAL – if he felt I was not writing or giving him the material that I should, he made it clear that he was not going to write it and that I need to do so. (before I lose my credibility, that happened only once and was more of a communication gap from my side than anything else. Anyone expecting to work with a consultant who will write for you, should probably take a reality check on their ethical standards. Shockingly, many Indian consultants do this for you – PLEASE do not fall for that trap!)

3. Fast turnarounds – very responsive in communication and always exceeded, if not met, proposed timelines

4. The best thing I liked about our engagement was his professional, yet personal touch. Very humourous person, writes to you as if you are a friend and not a client, and gives you a sense that he is truly aligned to your long term success than the short term one of just churning our good essays

5. Improvement: Honestly, nothing really. My engagement with him was very fulfilling. There was a small lapse one time, where the same sentence got repeated twice in the edit he sent back to me, but I wouldn’t hold it against him at all – that was the closest he came to decreasing my satisfaction level, if at all

Overall – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – I am sure he will provide excellent value if you engage him full-fledged as a consultant and not just for editing.




Bryan helped me to get into Stanford GSB.  We have worked for 4 months and I really appreciate his passionate and committed support.  He is an experienced counsellor who never pushes his idea and who can ask really good questions to crystalize ambiguous ideas that I had to an attractive storyline.  Working with him was a great experience for me, not only because I got into Stanford but also because that made me think who I am and what I want to do in the future. 

I contacted Bryan in 2012 March when I started to prepare everything for MBA first round.  He was introduced by my colleague who also got into Stanford GSB.  I was in New York at that time, so I met Bryan in person.  From first moment, I could feel his intelligence and warm personality.  I could see his experience in counseling because he explained every typical question’s intention and how to deal with these questions.  Besides, he was very nice and it was simply fun chatting with him talking about my career. At that time, I was thinking of who to ask for help but thirty minute conversion in Manhattan made me decide to ask Bryan for help.  

We started working together in July 2012.  At first 6 weeks, we basically had a call every week to discuss and brainstorm the “backbone” of the storyline of my essay and latter 6 weeks, we basically sent e-mails back and forward for minor correction.  Bryan was responsive and his product was high quality.  From my perspective, Bryan was distinctive in the following factors.  ( I am a person who has a very strong opinion in the essay, so please remember this fact when you read this…)

1. Overall, Bryan is an easy-going person and he has always been relaxed.  It is fun to chat with him.  Besides, he always try to encourage me and motivate me for the application.  When my GMAT score was not ideal, he didn’t show any concern which made me feel that I really can make this.

2. He is a very experienced counsellor.  As I mentioned previously, he understands the background and intention for every question from the school, and also the school’s color.  That helped me understand what kind of answer is preferred because usually you can have multiple answers for a single question.  Another distinctive point is when he checked my essays, he did not just check the quality of a single essay.  Bryan could see the connection among multiple answers and improved these essays in a way to  provide a comprehensive view of “who I am” to the adcom, which I think very difficult to improve on my own.

3. In addition, he always asked excellent questions when we were brainstorming the story.  When we drafted the storyline at the beginning, we talked a lot to draft the storyline.  However, Bryan’s questions were just excellent to make me think deeper and to make the storyline more convincing and attractive.  He never pushed his idea so I could feel this story is really mine and it is not made up by someone else.

4. Moreover, Bryan is also good at finding logical flaw and points which need further supports.  When I drafted the first version of answer and sent it to him,  it was helpful for me that he did not start direct editing from the beginning but sent back to me a bunch of questions.  These good questions can help you make a solid answer.  Of course, he is good at editing English but I believe writing an good essay is not only about English correction

5. I was a management consultant and was very busy.  I started drafting Stanford Essay one week before the deadline.  I truly appreciate Bryan’s punctual and professional edit…I still cannot believe we wrote everything for Stanford in one week.

Tips:  Bryan speaks English very slowly and his pronunciation is easy to catch.  I understand maybe you are worried about consulting over phone but it was totally OK for me.  Besides, he also helps you practice interview.

I strongly recommend you to contact to Bryan to have a chat.  In person is better because you can see he is a nice guy but I think call also works. 

Good luck!