Testimonials from 2011-2012 Clients

Testimonials from 2011-2012 Clients


MIT Sloan (also UCLA Anderson)

I am very glad to write my testimonial to Bryan here. I cannot believe still that I could get acceptances from top schools, especially both from the first round. Without Bryan’s help, it could not be happened. Thank you very much, Bryan.

I have three points what I really like about Bryan and Elite Essay’s style.

1. Skype meeting

I believe Skype meeting has saved me hundreds of hours. Since I have a son who was just born when I started an application process last spring, I would rather stay at my home to help my wife than go somewhere else for just an hour meeting. It was also good for me to save time in order to focus on making scores, like TOEFL and GMAT. At first, I was worried about using Skype for this kind of meeting. However, Bryan speaks clearly and he always confirmed that what is todo and homework so that after few meetings on Skype, I felt pretty comfortable.

2. Great Advices

Bryan is a great pacemaker to run this application process with, and he was accurate on his pace, direction and the goal. From the spring to early summer, I was so obsessed with GMAT. It was tough, even sometimes brutal. I thought I could not move forward anything on essay, but Bryan navigated me very well. “Let’s start with resume”… “You can write some basic essays”… He told me a few things, but these were so critical and beneficial that I’ve appreciated it when all hectic in fall came later. Those basic essays and resume are core of my thought, and it takes time to crystalize what is the core. This example is only one of his advices and ways to navigate me, and he guided me pretty well to apply all schools in the first round. He knows where to guide his clients.

3. Professionalism

Bryan seems very busy, and it is true that he is busy, but he is very much open and fair to his clients. If it is a very emergent issue, he responded me very promptly. Of course, sometimes it is clients’ fault that it turns into emergent issue. But if it has a reasonable reason, Bryan replies you in a perfect way. I love his professionalism and his prompt response.

Bryan, I very much appreciate your help. Thank you very much.


私の受験は時間との戦いでした。4月に本格的に受験勉強を開始しましたがその時点でTOEFLしか勉強しておらず、しかも3月に息子も産まれたばかりで、どのように時間を捻出できるか大変苦労しました。様々な方のアドバイスから絶対に1st Roundで出願しようと決心し、Bryanの良い評判を聞き、Bryanに依頼しました。彼の良かったポイントは下記3点です。


Skype Meetingは圧倒的に時間の節約になります。家族との時間、テスト勉強の時間、仕事との両立・・・SkypeでのMeetingでなければ、私は受験プロセスをうまくコントロールすることができなかったと思います。Bryanは発音もクリアですし、今何をすべきかのDirectionも非常に明確なので、当初あったSkype Meetingへの不安はすぐになくなりました。

(2) Great Advices


(3) Professionalism





Undergraduate Client – Accepted to Several Esteemed Colleges

We were so lucky to have Bryan to help my son complete his essay writing during his college application process. I think one great part of this process was how Bryan really stressed the process of writing the college essays. He always encouraged my son to go through a process of self-awareness and reflection; of understanding who you are, what you like, how you think.
Bryan was very flexible and was always available for my son.  It is a big challenge for all senior high school students to manage their time during their last year of high school.  On top of their demanding academics, sports, afterschool activities and community service activities, they still need to find a good deal of time to prepare their college applications and essays.  It is a stressful time for all.  After initial Skype conversations to discuss key elements of the essays, my son continued to communicate with Bryan via emails to exchange several versions of his essay drafts.  No matter if it was weekends, holidays, or even last minute, Bryan always made himself available for my son.  In addition to their discussions, he was also very helpful communicating with us as parents separately about his progress.  It gave us additional assurance and made us feel comfortable.
Bryan also had some wonderful advice and strategies for the college application as a whole. In particular, he helped my son think about what combination of college essays to use for each of his colleges.
We really appreciate all Bryan’s tireless support and patience for our son. Without his guidance and encouragement, it would have been very difficult for my son to fully complete the college application process by himself. Many many thanks to Bryan!


LSE (London School of Economics), SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London), Fulbright Fellowship

Hope everything is fine with you.

Fortunately, I got accepted from both LSE and SOAS!
I’m very glad to be accepted these schools even though I applied to
them such a late timing. Many people said that even if they “open” the
application process, there’s little possibility to be accepted if you
apply later than January.

I really appreciate your sincere support!

Though SIPA with Fulbright scholarship (for 1yr) is also attractive,
I think I will choose LSE, because it’s 1 year program, and what I
could learn there seems more suitable for me at this moment.

It’s been a long way to be here while I changed my mind so many times.
I couldn’t be here without your support, not only editing but also mentally.
I’m honored I could work with you!

Thank you very much!!


Indiana Kelley (we worked intensively starting just a week before the deadline)

I got into Indiana University Kelley School of Business!  Thank you so much for your help.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Your methods were outstanding. You highlighted some of my accomplishments and helped me write outstanding essays.  I’m still waiting to here from Boston College.  I needed all of your help to overcome my GPA and below average GMAT. Thanks again. I hope all is well.


UNC Kenan-Flagler

I am satisfied that I was able to apply to all schools I wanted and I tried everything I could. Furthermore, I am really satisfied with your professional consulting. Your comments and editing were always logical and persuasive for me, and you led me to the shortest path. I am convinced that you effectively strengthened my candidacy in spite of my “minimum” test scores. I remember, regarding Kelley’s ethical dilemma essay,  that you kindly arranged a meeting in response to my short notice, and tried to improve my essay at the last minutes before the deadline. I greatly appreciate all the devotion you made for me. Thank you very much, Bryan!Now, therefore, I don’t hesitate to recommend your consulting service to my colleagues. I am glad to hear that you still have spaces this year.


Wharton (also accepted to Virginia Darden)

“Dear Bryan – do you remember the day you asked me to write a letter to my coming baby? You said it would help me set the right tone to explain my career to adcoms. I remember feeling uneasy because we had limited time to prepare for the 1st round application. The day, however, was the defining moment for my life – the innovative counseling made me aware what MBA essay is and I eventually got an admission to Wharton, my life-long dream school. Thank you from my heart – you changed my life.”

Before I began working with him, I was obsessed how to come up with stories best appealing to adcom or stretch my career achievements. Bryan told me to realize that my baby (and adcom also) would not want to know about my company or achievement lists but love to find out “who I am” – the important things are what I thought in struggling situations, how I took actions to overcome the difficulties, and what I learned from the experiences and how much I grew up as a person. It was not so easy to deeply reflect on oneself, but in that process (and even after writing up the 2,000 word letter), we continued looking for my life stories and digging, digging, and digging my actions in each and every situation of both personal and professional careers, which further strengthened our essays and gave us the invitation from almost all schools I applied for.

This story is just one part of our long collaborative work days, but you can find how much Bryan is creative and flexibly provides his counseling depending on each client, and more importantly, how much he seriously – sometimes with passion – gives his full attention to our life. If you asked if I would love to work again with Bryan, my answer is a clear “yes”. I definitely recommend you work with Bryan then you will have a brilliant future!


Kellogg (also accepted to Cornell Johnson and Michigan Ross)

(English, Japanese follows)

Working with Bryan was the best choice I made during my MBA application.

Last April, my friend, a former MBA candidate, introduced me to Bryan. He worked with Bryan and was admitted to his preferred school. I finally decided to work with Bryan because my friend was entirely satisfied with Bryan’s service. After finishing my MBA application, I recommend Bryan as the best counselor.

Some outstanding points of Bryan’s service are as follows:

– High quality in discovering clients’ latent experience.

He knows what kinds of experience are desired to be written in MBA essays and doesn’t hesitate to find the needed experience from applicants. Since his service is flat rate based, you don’t have to be nervous about costs and we could come up with ideas we both agreed on. I believe that some of my experiences would have remained hidden without Bryan’s help.

– High quality in editing / word selection

Bryan’s ability in editing and selecting words is outstanding and this helped me a lot. Since he understands what you want to tell through meetings, he brings the right words for each applicant. He has never exaggerated my experience, however, his help allowed me write the condensed and efficient essays.

Seeing my results in applying to MBA schools without high test scores or outstanding work experience, I am again convinced that Bryan’s service is quite high quality. Without his help, the results would have been totally different. I had a difficult time in achieving a high score in GMAT, however, he always motivated me to continue applying to MBA schools. Thank you, Bryan!! Thank you for your work and kindness!!






Bryanはエッセイに必要なネタを掘り出すための労力を一切惜しみません。エッセイで要求される内容に応じて適切なネタをアプリカントから掘り出してくれます。BryanのサービスはFlat rateのため、アプリカント側も料金を気にすることなくBryanとミーティングを重ねることができ、その結果Bryanとアプリカント双方が納得するネタを見つけ出すことができます。また、Bryanはアプリカントの経験を多面的に分析し、その要点を整理する能力に優れています。Bryanとのミーティングを通じてネタを深堀りすることができ、内容の濃いエッセイを書くことができたと確信しています。





Kellogg (also accepted to Berkeley Haas and Dartmouth Tuck)

I thank you a lot for all of your greatest support in my application process and believe that I couldn’t have gotten over this thorny path without you. I can’t wait for my new life in Evanston!! And I’d like to visit you in NYC someday!! Again, I really appreciate your counseling.


Kellogg (also accepted to Berkeley Haas and LBS)

Dear Bryan,

I decided to join Kellogg School of Management. I also got an  admit from Berkeley, but told them that I will join Kellogg. I really appreciate your work. Honestly I was really a bad student. You always encouraged me and kept me focused on what was important. When I got the admit call from Kellogg, it was the happiest moment in my life. Again, I really appreciate your work. MBA is my dream and a key path for my ideal future.


Stanford GSB (waitlisted at HBS, invited to interview at MIT/withdrew)

As a person who was raised and educated thoroughly in Japan, studying at a business school in US is not just adding another degree – it (hopefully) provides broader career possibilities and transformative personal challenges. I feel lucky that I could take the chance, and thank Bryan a lot who assisted me with such a pivotal moment in my life.

As many of you know, Bryan has a great working history with Japanese candidates, and more importantly has a great admission track record with non-returnee Japanese students. That’s why I decided to go with him.

He is a professional who understands what is necessary to make the applicants successful, and can perfectly play the role. He thought very highly of my decisions throughout the application process, and gave every support he could provide. I’ve heard some (scary) stories that some counselors decide which school to apply when. Bryan will never do that. When I was intensively writing essays, in order to adjust to my working schedule, he made himself available for sessions with me even late at night, or in the early morning. If we had to communicate only via emails, he professionally did so (though he must have felt inefficiency). After getting interview invitations, he gave me mock interviews almost every week – an extra flexibility given that he provides his own professional interviewing service as an independent one from essay counseling service.

For almost all the applicants, sessions with Bryan will be very constructive and stress-free, or even encouraging. He will never get emotional, and stay analytical. When I had mock interviews with him, I was always encouraged as he clearly analyzed my answers and when I made satisfactory answers, he pointed out what made my answers great.

As an essay counselor, if you want a ‘teacher’ to give every detailed advice over the whole application process, you may want to consider other counselors (Though Bryan for sure can provide every detailed advice, if you ask). Rather, if you want a partner to complete a long shot as a party of two independent professionals, you should be contacting him immediately. I truly hope that many of you become successful applicants, leveraging his professional services.



Still in a frenzy for getting admitted to my dream school, I would like to touch upon Bryan’s service:

I. Capability

As his unrivaled reputation and high-profile results reveal his world-class service, I do not think I have to elaborate here on how talented Bryan is. Simply put, working with Bryan guarantees you will fully bolster your candidacy. In my case, I was so astounded at a place in my dream school. I did not have splendid career background, and my GPA was only 2.59 out of 4! What a Christmas present!

II. Style

Bryan is never a jobber who looks just at scores/numbers. While some other admissions consultants are too picky about such aspects, he would rather think about his fit with the candidate and how he can add value to his/her applications. That’s why I didn’t feel that I was on the conveyor belt system working with him. Understanding how admissions committees weigh candidates, he sees straight through your personality and passion. He is a seasoned expert in extracting, understanding, and organizing your stories that lie in yourself. Creating an essay boils down to how you convey the core message from your life experiences and aspiration. So does the interview process, and that is what you really need someone’s support for. Working with Bryan makes you a solid, authentic candidate. If anything, it was a personal and somewhat spiritual experience.

III. Professionalism

A. If your essay idea is on the wrong track, Bryan will explicitly reject the idea. This is highly efficient for you but actually makes his work harder. His goal is to lead you to your target school, rather than just finish up your essays. He never forgets to see from the school’s standpoint.

B. Quick and thorough, and logical review – At the same time, he is not a perfectionist. Pursuit of perfection may get you nowhere when it comes to the admissions process, which is like a business activity. He cares about your schedule.

I feel honored to have worked together with Bryan, the person who changed the world I live in.



HBS (also accepted to Wharton, Kellogg, and Columbia)

I have been privileged (and very lucky) to work with, in my view, the best admissions consultant in the market. I heard about Bryan from a few of my friends who had used his service during the 2010-2011 season and had achieved amazing results. The first free consultation via Skype convinced me that he is a reliable and trustworthy character, and I was able to feel the “fit” through the 30-minute conversation we had, so I decided to go with him without ever feeling the need to consult with other counselors.

As people say, MBA apps could become one of the toughest challenges we face in our lives, but I am confident to say that Bryan is at the highest caliber in guiding you through that journey. For reference purposes, I have listed here just a few of the many points that I felt especially beneficial in working with him.

1. Experience / Past Performance

In choosing the right consultant, experience and past performance were important factors for me. As you can see in his testimonials page, Bryan has been building a very strong track record, and there is a reason for this. If you work with him, you will find out that he knows exactly what he is doing. There are MANY things that have to be done before you can finally apply to a school, but he guided me through each step and clarified any questions or doubts I had during the process. He keeps track of where you stand during each phase, and leads you in the right direction at the correct pace. I believe that if it wasn’t for Bryan, I could not have applied to all these top schools (with satisfying essays) in Round 1.

2. Essay Counseling

As many others have written already in their testimonials, Bryan’s journalist approach during essay counseling, in my opinion, is one key aspect that other consultants cannot mimic. His unique way of digging deeply into your experiences in many cases led me to find the right solution for each essay question. Looking back, he always asked “sweet-spot questions” that made me think, think, and think about whom I really am, and he does this from every angle so that you are absolutely confident in what you are writing in your essays. If something I wrote is shallow, again he digs, digs, and digs until we both reach satisfaction. This approach, I believe, is what led me to write convincing essays that really came from the bottom of my heart.

3. Interview Training

I found Bryan’s interview training to be exceptionally valuable. He can do either mocks or brainstorming, and I did about half each. Writing and speaking about yourself are not equivalent; for instance when an admissions officer asks you to walk through your resume, you obviously don’t just simply read the lines. There is clearly technique involved, and he will go through this with you step by step. During mocks, he gives you precise advices on how to make your performance better, and having been through this made me feel much more confident prior to entering the real show.

4. Personality / Fairness

These two traits are crucial, really. If you think about it, an MBA consultant becomes your “partner” from day one till the end, and you obviously do not want to be in a situation where you are not getting along with your partner. From that perspective, I think Bryan is the type of person who can work with anybody, and for me, I found it really interesting and enjoyable working with him. He threw in his “rib-tickling” jokes here and there during our e-mail exchanges, and we always laughed out loud during Skype calls. Even though MBA apps is serious business and can always become stressful, he was able to make me feel more relaxed and comfortable on a number of occasions throughout. Furthermore, he is fair. I believe his Comprehensive Consulting service is of the highest quality yet at the most reasonable price relative to other similar services. And last but note least, he never prioritizes one client over the other, and really cares about each and every one of his clients.

I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and highest respect to him, who led me all the way to success. Thank you so much, Bryan. I will never forget the call we had when we toasted each other after my acceptance from your desktop! I wish you the best of luck for next year and very much look forward to seeing you in New York.

And to all the applicants: you can’t go wrong with choosing Bryan!



Columbia (Early Decision)


海外経験もなく、テストスコアも決して高くない私が、1st ラウンドで第一志望校である、Columbia Business Schoolに合格できたのは、Bryanのカウンセリングのお蔭だと思います。本当にありがとう、Bryan。貴方に出会えたからこそ、最高の形でMBA受験を終えることができました。

私がBryanと最初にコンタクトを取ったのは、2011年のGWの頃でした。過去に同じ企業から派遣された先輩達が、Bryanのカウンセリングによって素晴らしい結果を残していたため、GMAT、TOEFL共に目標点には程遠かった私ですが、逸早くBryanとコンタクトを取りました。Skypeでの面談においては、私のWhy MBAやCareer Aspirationに熱心に耳を傾けてくれ、「君の志望動機には、とても説得力がある。是非、一緒に頑張ろう。」と、力強い言葉をかけてもらえました。他のカウンセラーとも話をしましたが、Bryanのアプリカントの声に耳を傾ける際の真摯な姿勢、(テストスコアではなく)アプリカントの志・想いを評価してくれている点に共感を覚えたため、Skype面談後すぐに、Bryanと共にMBA受験に臨むことに決めました。


(1)   アプリカント重視のカウンセリング・スタイル


(2)   スケジュールに対する柔軟性


(3)   出願戦略に対する的確なアドバイス

過去の豊富な実績・経験に基づいた、出願戦略に対する的確なアドバイスもBryanの優れた特徴だと考えます。私の志望校・テストスコア、各校のエッセイの特徴を踏まえて、出願の順番に関するアドバイスを的確にしてもらえたため、限られた時間の中で効率的に準備を進めることができました。また、テストスコアに関する自信の無さや、(今思えば)信憑性のない噂に惑わされて1stラウンド出願を躊躇っていた私に対して、客観的な状況判断に基づき、1st ラウンドにて出願すべきとのアドバイスをもらい、結局は今回の良い結果に繋がりました。振り返ると、Bryanの出願戦略に関するアドバイスは常に的確であり、この点も彼のカウンセリングの優れた特徴だと思います。



Thanks to Bryan’s high quality counseling service, I could gain the admission my first- choice, Columbia Business School, at 1st Round, despite my lack of overseas experience and not competitive test scores. Thank you very much Bryan for supporting me to achieve the best result.

During Golden Week in 2011, I contact with Bryan for the first time via Skype. Since my senior colleagues got good results with Bryan, I reached him at early stage though I did not have enough test scores at that time. In our conversation, Bryan heartily listened my “Why MBA” and “Career aspiration”, and said “Your motivation for MBA is very convincing and strong. I am happy to support you, if you want.” I was strongly sympathize with Bryan’s stance in which he listens applicant’s voice sincerely and appreciates applicants’ aspiration (not test scores). Though I talked with other counselors, I decided to work with Bryan soon after our first conversation.

Bryan’s counseling service is superior in terms of three points as follows.

(1)   Applicant Oriented Counseling Style

A feature of Bryan’s counseling style is that he can adeptly draw out applicants’ appeals and teach the effective way to shape the appeals into sophisticated essays. I heard that some other counselors tend to mold applicants to their own linking, however Bryan always valued my ideas, and supported to shape my ideas into high quality essays by giving advice and editing. (Of course, in case my idea is inappropriate for an essay, he strictly throws out with constructive advice to seek other ideas.) Thanks to Bryan’s applicant-oriented counseling style, I could write satisfactory essays from my heart. Since such essays could reflect true myself, these essays were appealing to admissions offices and I could gain admission from one of the top schools.

(2)   Flexibility for Scheduling

Since Bryan provides his counseling service at a flat rate, he offers flexibility in scheduling. As for me, I had to focus on score making at first, so we worked for only resume by the end of July. On the other hand, we intensively worked for writing essays from August to October by setting weekly meetings. Thanks to such flexibility, I could efficiently prepare my applications. In addition, because of my profession, I sometimes attend meeting at late night and holidays. So I highly appreciate his flexibility to adapt to sudden schedule changes. This flexibility in scheduling is not offered by the other counselors who charge by the hour. Therefore I think that this flexibility is good characteristic of Bryan’s service.

(3)   Precise Advice for Application Strategy

Based on the abundant experience and past results, Bryan can provide precise advice for application strategy. Considering my preferred schools, test scores and characteristics of essays, Bryan provided useful advice regarding the order for preparing applications. Then I could efficiently prepare applications in bounded time. Additionally, when I became confused by groundless rumors and hesitated to apply at 1st round, Bryan encouraged me to apply at early round, based on his objective judgment of the situation. Eventually, thanks to his rational advice, I could get the best result at 1st round. When I think back, Bryan’s advice for application strategy was always precise and rational, so I believe that this point is another good characteristic of Bryan’s counseling.

Finally, during late years when Japanese successful applicants are decreasing, I strongly believe that Bryan, who can lead the many Japanese applicants to the top schools, is an invaluable counselor. It would be appreciated if you could continuously provided high quality service and supported applicants to make their dream come true. Thank you very much for your great support, Bryan!!!