Testimonials from 2009-10 Clients

Testimonials from 2009-10 Clients


Dartmouth Tuck, Duke Fuqua

“Let’s consider the next round” was a painful but a perfect advice from Bryan, which I later appreciated by heart. After failing in my initial attempt to complete those essays without counseling, it was only a couple of weeks before Duke’s November deadline when I contacted him for the first time. My self-edited drafts somehow looked reasonable to me then, only to later realize how much of a quality I needed to achieve, how far I was from there, and how his advice can make it happen. Bryan’s thorough understanding of my writing ability/speed was truly helpful in maintaining the pace of my progress, and I comfortably followed his advice to get things done one-by-one. I was just amazed with his dedication and commitment to his clients, which I could literally feel with his attention to details and timeliness of his responses. I improved my essays to a ready-to-go level and earned acceptances from my top priority schools, which would not have happened without his support. His counseling is truly professional, and it is no surprise that he earns so much trust from his clients. Just like everyone else on this testimonial page, I’m truly glad that I had Bryan as my counselor. My two cents of advice for you is to get into action on your essays now. It’s already August.



“Telling Your Best Stories” – this is something I have done with Bryan, and something I couldn’t have done without Bryan. It is difficult to exhaustively point out how we all benefited from his continuous, sincere support (which I believe all of his clients agree with), so I would like to focus just one point; thanks to his counseling, I could make my essays more tangible and true to myself, that is, my best stories. Drafting essays is like setting key pieces of information as a narrative, and it is sometimes difficult to find all these pieces on your own, let alone arranging them in the most persuasive, appealing order. For me, there is always a gap between my image of ideal essays and what I can draft with my own resources. Bryan always bridged this gap. He never missed my slightest words or thoughts I mentioned, and helped me to develop these into great essences of my essays. Through the conversations, he also made me realize what I was not fully aware of, or what I unconsciously did, and supported me to shape my essays as more true to myself. Furthermore, Bryan always kept a birds-eye view to my essays. He took into account of my backgrounds, current status, and future goals and kept my essays consistent with these, making my whole application integral. There must be a lot of counselors who are good of editing essays. However, there must be no counselor like Bryan, who helps you derive a lot of values and ideas from inside you, that is, help you understand yourself. I couldn’t imagine completing more than 20 essays, all more than satisfactory, without his supports.

Thank you very much, Bryan. I could find no words to fully express my gratitude. I hope you enjoyed working with me. I really did.


LBS, Cambridge (both w/partial scholarships)

Bryan is THE BEST MBA counselor out there. I can tell you this confidently and objectively because I briefly tried out a number of counselors to compare the quality at the beginning of my preparation process.

I only had 660 GMAT score but I was admitted by London Business School with an unsolicited scholarship award thanks to his top-notch consulting service. I really had little time because I started preparing very late in 2009 and had to submit application at the beginning of 2010. Consequently, I could not get an ideal GMAT score and had to rush in writing essays. Bryan enabled me to make the optimal prioritization and focus on what I really needed to do in order to obtain admission to a top school.

Below are some examples of Bryan’s core strengths. These are some of many factors that make Bryan outstanding:

• Flexibility and speed
Given that I had little time left when I started preparation, Bryan’s incisive advice to make appropriate priorities helped me a lot. I still wonder how we finished the essay preparation for a top school within 2 days. Not only did we finish them within 2 days, but we also maintained high quality. Also, I work in a company that requires long hours. His flexibility in scheduling sessions was truly helpful.

• Right-to-the-point advice
With his experience and personality, he always gave me reasonable, direct and right-to-the-point advice. It really smoothed our communications and avoided unnecessary misunderstandings. I felt very much relieved to listen to him and follow his advice.

• Friendship and mentorship
As well as being a great coach, Bryan has always been a wonderful friend who cheers me up. The MBA preparation process is a stressful one. You will need a friend who knows where you are and what you are doing. Bryan has always been with me in each and every phase of the application process.

I sincerely recommend that you take Bryan’s service to get into your dream school. He will never let you down!!


CMU Tepper

(translation below)
I really appreciate Bryan’s sincere support and appropriate advice very much. Thanks to him, I, with only 3-year career and very short preparation time, got an offer from one of top MBA programs in the US. (Indeed, I decided to apply to MBA programs and contacted Bryan in August.) There are three things which are great advantages of his counseling service and I would like to share them with you.

First, he faces you very sincerely and honestly, and helps you dig out your true self deeply. He regards the application materials as not “your” materials but “our” materials. In my case, I am a software engineer in a small startup company, which is not typical or traditional for an MBA applicant in my country, and there were few people around me who had an MBA and could give me advice about MBA application process. Because of this situation, Bryan was the only person who advised me. At first, I felt that depending on only one person was a risk. But now, I believe that it was the best choice for me to depend on him completely. Actually, having a lot of experience and achievements with clients who were accepted in top schools, he always gives you very appropriate, clear, and sometimes severe advice.

Second, his flat-fee consulting is very affordable. It is true that the initial cost is not very cheap, but when you pay the total fee at first, you can get his full support when you want. Actually, I asked him to have extra meetings to discuss my future goals and to have additional interview trainings. To concentrate in the application process, not having to worry about additional cost is quite important.

Last, but not least, his personality and network are also very attractive. He is very friendly, trustworthy, and casual. I enjoyed the application process because I was able to tell him what I thought directly and frankly. In addition to that, he has many previous clients in many top schools and has a lot of information about each school. These are very impressive and valuable things about Bryan’s service.

The MBA application process may be challenging, but you should be able to enjoy it with Bryan. 🙂







Wharton (w/ partial scholarship), Kellogg

I would say for sure that Bryan is the best consultant. I hope I carry a bit of creditability as this recommendation comes from an ex-strategy consultant (ME)!

I have been accepted by two top business schools, with one offering me unsolicited named scholarship. I would like to thank Bryan for his great advice, help and comfort throughout my application process. I did not know Bryan until I came across his article about writing a good MBA Goals essays from his website. I decided to work with him immediately after my first consultation interview. Moreover, he continued to exceed my expectation of a MBA consultant. He made my experience more of a self-reflection and discovery journey than a mere MBA application process. I think he clearly outstands from other consultants with the following;

1. He pushed me to think further and gave me honest advice. I struggled to write one particular essay about “adaption/accepting others with different perspectives.” I remembered clearly that I had written 3 different stories but all got a big “No” from Bryan, simply because I missed the point. He told me what exactly this essay was all about and kept pushing me to think more deeply about my own experiences and learning. In the end (and yes, after writing four different stories), I completed my essay with an amazing story. I really like this essay because it has my soul and thoughts. Also it’s a great reflection of my growth!

2. He acts as a great facilitator to dig out my real stories. Bryan has a genuine curiosity for people and a pleasant personality. I enjoyed talking with him and a lot of good ideas came out unexpectedly during seemingly casual conversation. Also he comforted and mitigated my stress with his great sense of humor!

3. He has an amazing editing capability and still remains true to my story and tone. I was always amazed by how he can edit and trim down my 900+ word essays to a 400 succinct one without losing “my own style and tones.” He did not just edit. He also stayed abreast of issues. So he could always point out my blind spots and push my thinking further.

4. He shows great dedication and flexibility. As an impatient (and also spoiled) ex-consultant, I did have high expectations for my consultant too! Bryan always tried his best not only to fulfill my needs but also exceed my expectations with excellent quality. I remembered that he spent a great amount of his time during a tiring long-haul flight editing my essays. I was really surprised when I got his email in my country right after he landed in Tokyo just to save me time and give me real-time feedback. He never let me down!

Thanks to Bryan for what he did for me and I really enjoyed working with him! I wish him great success in both his professional and personal life.

Also, Bryan, don’t be such a workaholic! 🙂


Wharton (w/ partial scholarship), Fuqua (w/ partial scholarship), Kellogg

(translation below)

この瞬間を私は一生忘れることはないでしょう。私の前に立ちはだかっていた大きな扉が開き,道の向こうに輝く未来が見えました。私の面接官だったアドミッ ションの女性は,電話口ではっきりとこう言いました。「どうしてもあなたに直接合格を伝えたかったから,あなたが寝る前に電話をしたの。あなたの素晴らし いアプリケーションに感動したわ。奨学金付の合格よ。絶対Whartonに来てね。」

電話を切り,一番近くで支えてくれた家族から最初に出てきた言葉は,「Bryanって本当にすごいカウンセラーなんだね。Bryanに巡り合えて良 かったね。」でした。MBA受験という孤独でハードなプロセスのすべてにおいて、自分を見失うことなく楽しんで乗り越えられたのは,Bryanのおかげ以 外のなにものでもありません。この出会いがなければ,私はお世辞にも良いとは言えないテストスコアで,志望の大学すべてにファーストラウンドに出願し,そ して複数の大学から合格をもらうといったことは絶対になし得なかったと確信しています。

Bryanのサービスの素晴らしさは,細かく挙げたらキリがありません。ですが,私は特に受験仲間が多く(昨年合格の先輩約30名,今年の受験仲間 50名以上),複数の情報交換メーリングリストに所属し,そこから得た情報や友人の生の声も数多く聞いているため,それらも参考にしながら,他のカウンセ ラーと比べてBryanが特に良かった点を中心にご紹介したいと思います。

1.本当の意味でのflat rate,all inclusive system
flat rateをうたっているカウンセラーは複数ありますが,Bryanの本当の意味でのflat rateはすごいです。4月にカウンセリングをお願いしてから,コンスタントに週2回,締め切り直前やインタビュー対策では,週3回でも4回でも必要なだ けカウンセリングを設定していただきました。その他メールでのサポート等を含めると,間違いなくほぼ毎日連絡を取り合っていました。レジュメの作成からイ ンタビュー対策に至るまでのすべてにおいて,ある一定の質を保つためにどれくらいの労力と時間が必要なのか分からなかった私にとって,常に予算を気にする ことなく納得いくまで面倒を見ていただくことができて,本当に助かりました。flat rateを設けているカウンセラーでも,カウンセリング回数やインタビュー対策回数に上限を設けているケースが多いので,この本当の意味でのFlat rateは特筆すべき特徴と言えます。

私はGMATもTOEFLも結局ぎりぎりの点数で乗り切ることになりましたが,点数が十分でなくても,質の高いエッセイが着実にできあがっていくことの安 心感に支えられて,終始自信を失うことなくプロセスを進めることができました。他のカウンセラーを利用している友人の話を聞くと,「点数が高いクライアン トとそうでないクライアントに対する扱いがかなり違う」という不満をよく耳にします。確かに合格の可能性が高いクライアントを優先したくなる気持ちも理解 できますが,Bryanは全くそのようなことはありませんでした。点数が悪いため,セカンドラウンドまで待とうか悩んでいた私に対して,「点数が悪くても 素晴らしいエッセイが補ってくれるから大丈夫だ」と,むしろ早くエッセイを仕上げることを提案し,励ましてくれたのはBryanでした。これは,彼のカウ ンセリングに対する圧倒的な能力や自信の現れであり,クライアントのことを心から思い,不確定要素であるテストスコアをも補うべく,自らの力を最大限使っ て助けたいと思う気持ちがあってこそ可能なわざです。私はBryanについていけば大丈夫だという安心感のおかげで,エッセイを書きながらテストスコアを 必要水準まで上げることができました。

幾度にもわたるbrain stormingを経て自分の言葉で書いたエッセイを,そのエッセンスを全く変えることなく凝縮する能力は特筆すべき特徴です。他のカウンセラーを利用し ている友人からは,「仕上がったエッセイを見たら,とても自分が書いたものとは思えない」,「自分では到底できないような言い回しが含まれているので,イ ンタビューが不安だ」,さらには「書く内容までもすべてカウンセラーが考えるため,自分の書きたいことが書けずに不満だ」ということをよく聞きますが、 Bryanにはそのようなことは一切ありません。私はエッセイにおいて,バックグラウンドだけでなく,自分の人間性をとても正直に伝えることができたと感 じています。その結果として合格を手にできたことは,本当に嬉しいですし,もしそれができないとしたら,納得感のない合格になってしまうと思います。 MBA受験は,資格を得るための単なる受験ではなく,これまでの自分の人生そのものを表現し,更なる成長を果たす場を決める重要なプロセスです。自分の本 当の姿をエッセイに表現し,そのすべてを彼の素晴らしいEdit能力によって出願大学に伝えることができたことを誇りに思います。

最後に,私は特に日本のMBAカウンセリングのほとんどは,カウンセラー優位であるという事実にとても疑問を感じています。カウンセラーに対して言 いたいことが本気で言えないということはBryanに関しては全くなく,自分がこうしたいと思うことや,相談など,すべてを彼にぶつけていました。たくさ んわがままも聞いてもらいましたが,ダメなものはダメとはっきりと言ってくれるので,逆の意味で不安になることもありませんでした。日本人の気質などもと ても良く理解してくれており,受験プロセスすべてにおいて心地よく何でも話せる存在でいてくれたことに,心から感謝しています。

また,出願したいと思う学校に対して,カウンセラーから「その点数でその学校を受験するのは無理だ」,「一ヶ月しかないから何校も出願するなんて無 理だ」,「点数が出るのが遅かったからセカンドラウンドにしよう」などと言われている友人が多いことに非常に驚き,ショックを受けました。MBA受験業界 に,常にクライアントの味方でいてくれるBryanのようなカウンセラーが増えることを切に願ってやみません。

私は複数の尊敬する先輩の強い薦めで早い段階でBryanに会い,彼の人柄とprofessionalismに惹かれて彼と共に歩む道を選びまし た。その先輩のアドバイスにもありましたが,彼は本当に人気があり,すぐに枠が埋まってしまいます。私が紹介した友人の中には,Bryanも含めて多くの カウンセラーに会い,他のカウンセラーを選んだにもかかわらず,そのサービスに納得できずに再度Bryanにお願いしたときには枠が残っていなかったとい う人が複数います。Bryanは我々日本人がアメリカ人に対して自然と期待しているような,外面上のfriendlyさはあまりありませんが,その人間 性,サービスの質,仕事の速さ,倫理観の高さ,そして時間的犠牲を払ってでも自分のすべてをクライアントに捧げようという情熱は本当に尊敬に値します。お 正月であれ,クリスマスであれ,Bryanがオフを取った日は一日もなかったので,私はBryanの奥様にも大変お世話になったと感じています。 Bryanが来日した際のグループインタビュートレーニングの際に,Bryanのいないところで,いかにBryanにお世話になったか,いかに彼が素晴ら しいカウンセラーであるかをクライアント同士で真剣に語り合った経験がすべてを物語っていると思います。

最後に,Bryan,私はこのtestimonialを書く日が来るのを本当に楽しみにしていました。これを書き終えて初めて,私のMBA合格への 長い道のりは終止符を打ちます。あなたに出会わなければ,受験生が激増した非常にcompetitiveな年に,Whartonという素晴らしい学校に奨 学金付で合格することはなかったと確信しています。MBA受験というプロセスを通じて,自分にとって大切なものを再認識することができたことに感謝すると ともに,一緒に勝ち取ったこのチャンスを最大限に活かし,自分の思い描く未来を歩んでいきたいと思います。

今は合格という最高の形で受験を終えることができた喜びをかみしめながらも,習慣と化した毎日のやりとりが終わってしまったことが寂しくもありま す。MBA受験をきっかけにあなたに出会えた奇跡に感謝するとともに,今後も大切な恩師として繋がり続けていけることを心から願っています。


23:06 PM, Friday, December 18, 2009

I will never forget that moment – a big barrier in my path finally opened up and I could see a brilliant future. The woman who had interviewed me said clearly over the phone, “Before you go to bed, I really wanted to let you know that you were accepted. We were very impressed by your wonderful application. You received a scholarship, too. You are very much welcome at Wharton. ”

As soon as I hung up the phone, my family, who had taken care of me closely, said, “Wow, Bryan is such a great counselor! You were lucky to find him.” Those were the first words that came from them. Only through Bryan’s support was I able to get through this hard, solitary MBA process while having fun and without losing myself. Without having met Bryan, I am sure I would not have been able to apply to all my top choice schools in the first round and been accepted by multiple schools since my test scores were marginal at best.

It would be endless if I explained every tiny detail about Bryan’s wonderful service. However, I will try to introduce some outstanding points because I can compare Bryan with other MBA counselors since I have a lot of friends applying for their MBA who work/had worked with other counselors. (30 of them were accepted last year, and more than 50 of them are applicants this year.) I am also on multiple MBA mailing lists to exchange information and I heard opinions directly from those applicants as well, so I will use them here as a reference.

The real meaning of “FLAT RATE”, “All INCLUSIVE SYSTEM”

There are so many counselors out there who advocate “flat rate” services, but I can draw a clear line between Bryan and them, and say that his flat rate is real and great. I had continuous, basic consulting twice a week. However, if Bryan thought he needed to give me more time, before deadlines and interviews, he consulted me three – four times a week. Bryan supported me with e-mail as well, so including that, I had contact with Bryan almost every day since April, when I asked him for help for the first time. I did not need to worry about the budget since I had no idea how long and how much it was going to take. There are so many cases in which MBA counselors who advocate a “flat rate” set a limit on the number of consultations and interviews. So, Bryan’s flat rate is authentic and outstanding.


My GMAT and TOEFL scores were on the edge, however, I never lost confidence in being supported to write quality essays. I sometimes heard some of my friends working with other MBA counselors complain, “They treat clients who have high scores differently.” I saw that their priority was those clients who have more possibilities to get accepted, while Bryan never does that to his clients. My scores were not high, so I was thinking to wait for the second round. Bryan said, “It will be fine. Your great essays will make up for the scores.”  It was Bryan who even encouraged me to finish completing essays for the first round. I felt this showed his confidence and outstanding ability in what he did, and also his performance came from his strong feelings of caring and helping me compensate for my weak scores as much as he could. I relied on Bryan and felt I would be fine if I followed his advice, and I was able to raise my test scores to the necessary level while I wrote essays.


One of Bryan’s great abilities is to condense original, rough essays written by clients after a bunch of brainstorming into something authentic without losing the essence. I often heard some of my friends working with other MBA counselors say, “My essays became something which did not reflect myself at all”, “There are some phrases that are not in my vocabulary, so I am worried when I am invited to interview.” The worst thing someone said was, “My counselor wants to write whatever he wants, even the content. I am not happy about my essays because I cannot write what I want to express.” Bryan never does that. I expressed my background and personality honestly in my essays. As a result, I am very happy that I was accepted. If I got accepted without expressing myself, I would not have been happy. An MBA application is not just for getting a diploma. It is an important process to look back at yourself, tell your life stories and develop yourself. I am very proud to have told adcoms who I really am with Bryan’s wonderful editing ability.

I am concerned that most MBA counselors in Japan try to overpower their clients. With Bryan, there was no such thing. I was always straight with him about what I wanted to express. I demanded so much, but he was also clear about what he could not do, so I was not concerned about anything at all. I really appreciate that Bryan understands Japanese people, and is always the one who I can comfortably tell anything.

I was also shocked to know some of my friends were told by their MBA counselors, “You cannot apply to XXX school with such low scores,” “You cannot apply to multiple schools in a month,” and “You should wait until the second round because your scores are not high enough yet.” I can’t help wishing there were more counselors like Bryan in the MBA counseling industry who are always on the side of clients.

I decided to work with Bryan because some of my respected senior friends recommended him, and I also recognized his great personality and professionalism. It’s their advice as well, but you have to secure your seat because Bryan is very popular. Some of my friends who met Bryan but chose someone else to work with were not happy with those services. Then they decided to ask Bryan to help, however, it was too late and Bryan had already filled up his spaces. Bryan is not fake friendly, which we Japanese expect of American people unconsciously. I do respect the high quality of his humanity, services, swift work, moral standard and passion to sacrifice himself for his clients. Bryan did not take even a day off whether it was Christmas or New Years, so I feel Bryan’s wife took care of us as well. While Bryan was in Japan for face to face counseling, he gave us some group interview trainings. I met his other clients there for the first time, and we all seriously agreed that Bryan was such a great counselor.

In the end, I have been looking forward to writing this testimonial for so long. The long journey to an MBA acceptance finally ends when I finish writing this. Without Bryan, I could not have been accepted by Wharton with a scholarship in this competitive year. Throughout the MBA process, I appreciate that I rediscovered what was important to me. I will move towards the future I picture in my mind to exploit as much as I can this great chance that I won with Bryan.

Bryan, I am savoring the joy of “passing”, as well as sad to end our counseling time, which almost became my custom every day. I am thankful for the miracle of finding you for the MBA application process and I also hope we will keep in touch as a mentor and a student.

Thank you very much for leading me to an MBA acceptance.


Wharton, CMU

(translation below)

受験を始めたときから、「ここに受かったら最高だな」と思っていたWhartonから、1st Roundで合格がもらえるとは思っていませんでした。Bryanのおかげです!本当にありがとうございました。




エッセイ提出の後、私のような留学経験のない日本人アプリカントが最も神経質になるインタビュー対策も、Bryanがしっかりと行ってくれました。Bryanも、私の一番の弱点がインタビューであると認識してくれていて、最初のインタビューの前週には4-5回も集中してレッスンをしてくれました。最初はたどたどしくしか答えられなかった「Why MBA?」といった基本的な設問にも、回を重ねるごとにスラスラと答えられるようになり、Bryanに「Excellent!」と言ってもらえたことが本番での自信につながりました。





Since starting my MBA applications, I had been thinking, “It would be great if I could get accepted to Wharton,” but I never expected to be accepted in the first round. It was all thanks to Bryan! Sincerely, thank you very much.

I won a sponsorship from my company in March and started looking for an MBA essay counselor in May when I reached a high enough score on my TOEFL. Though I had met some other counselors face-to-face, I decided to work with Bryan while we spoke over Skype for the first time because I had a good feeling that he would drag the best things out of me for the essays. Bryan had a logical, convincing philosophy about his counseling method and he had an attitude to listen carefully to what I told him in my clumsy English. Looking back at that time, I am really glad that I asked Bryan for MBA counseling.

I suppose everybody becomes anxious at some point if they have to keep taking GMAT or wonder if their essays are good enough. Some might even be afraid they will be denied by all the schools they apply to. In my case, I stayed focused on Bryan’s advice. There was nothing inappropriate about it. I followed his advice because Bryan was well experienced and he was someone who communicates with each client deeply, and someone who gives advice thinking ahead.

As for my procedure, I finished my resume in June, started writing my goals essay from July to August and then I worked on assignment essays for each school in September. I struggled with the goal essays. I rewrote the draft and met with Bryan over ten times. Then I finally completed a satisfactory essay. Bryan never said OK until I wrote an authentic one. He was truly professional. Since it took so long to finish the first goal essay, I determined that I would write convincing essays so Bryan would say OK in one shot. Since he thoroughly understands what schools expect and the strong points of his clients, when I wrote too much, he corrected my essays without mercy, or when I wrote insufficient essays, we developed strategies together. I could not have done this work alone without his professional advice and analysis.

Of course, Bryan’s editing ability was amazing. I was always excited to receive my essays back from Bryan after a day or two of sending the draft and meeting over Skype. After Bryan fixed my essays, they always became great, the parts that I wanted to appeal shining, and yet intelligent and humorous without using difficult words.

After submitting materials to schools, Bryan also took care of interview training, which Japanese applicants feel most nervous about. Bryan understood my big weakness was the interview, so he focused on practicing four or five times in the week before the actual interviews. First I was clumsy answering even basic question likes, “Why MBA?”, however, I became fluent and got better each time. In the end, I was confident as Bryan said, “Excellent!”

It was also helpful for me that Bryan organized a group interview practice where his other clients could get together. It was such a precious opportunity to see who they were and to compare myself with other MBA applicants, considering what my strengths were. After that, some of us got together to practice in person. I was inspired by them very much.

Lastly, the fact that Bryan was basically in the US, I might not need to mention this, was not disadvantageous at all. Meeting over Skype cut down on the commuting time and enabled us to set up meetings in a flexible way. Wherever you are, Bryan will suit your schedule, and especially for Japanese people, he edits from night to morning in Japan time, which is while I slept. That means I used my time very efficiently.

Now thinking back, I am sure I was able to handle the application process at the end of the year as I wished only with Bryan’s help. Thank you very much.


HBS, Kellogg, Wharton (w/ partial scholarship), plus Fulbright Fellowship

(translation below)

大学時代の親友が昨年Bryanに御世話になってTop Schoolに合格したので、その親友にBryanを紹介してもらいました。 Bryanと会ったときの印象として「人としてとても尊敬できる」と直感的に思い、Bryan以外のCounselorには会っていませんが、迷わずBryanにお願いすることにしました。

結果として志望する学校に合格し、奨学金もいただけることになったので、その時の直感を信じて良かったと心から思います。 実際にapplicationを進めていく中で感じたBryanの特筆すべき強みは、以下の3点です。

1点目は、flexibilityの高さです。Essayを出す直前の1-2ヶ月、仕事も佳境に入っていて、Essayに使う時間がほとんどありませんでした。仕事の中の10分の合間や、深夜から明け方仕事が終わった後にEssayを進めている状態で、Bryanとのカウンセリングの時間も非常に不定期でした.「今日はもう疲れ果ててるからカウンセリングを15分で終了させてくれ」「申し訳ないけど、今日の深夜12時からカウンセリングしてもらえるか」 「土曜に突然時間ができたから1時間ではなく2時間やってくれないか」など、無理を言い続けたのですが、 Bryanは私の健康を気を遣いながら見事にmanageしてくれました。これは予備校のカウンセラーでは決して成しえなかったことだと思います。






My best friend from college was accepted by a top school last year. Bryan was his MBA consultant, and he introduced me to Bryan. When I met him, I thought instinctively that, “I can respect this person very much.” I never tried to see another counselor. Without hesitation, I asked Bryan to work with me. As a result, I was accepted by my top choice school and also received several scholarships, so from my heart I am glad that I trusted my instinct.

Through the actual application process, I found the following three outstanding strengths of Bryan’s service.

First, he is highly flexible. A month or two before submitting materials, I barely had time to work on essays because I was entering the hardest part of my work schedule. When I had 10 minutes free or from midnight to dawn after work, I was able to write essays. So, our counseling schedule was really irregular.

I kept saying, “I’m exhausted, so let’s finish in 15 minutes today,” “I’m sorry, but could you meet me after midnight tonight?”, or “I’ll have more time next Saturday, so could we meet for two hours instead of just one?” Still, Bryan watched over my schedule thoroughly, while caring about my health. If I had gone to a prep school, I could not have had this service.

Second is Bryan’s great editing ability. While there are several elements to this, he has the ability of see the essence of clients’ stories, the ability to cut out the fluff from essays, and the ability express the essence with great impact. On all counts, Bryan’s ability was first-rate without a doubt. Having told Bryan about my leadership and failure experiences honestly, I had a certain, comfortable feeling that my essays would be splendidly crystallized through our discussions.

Third, and I think this is the most important feature as a counselor, is Bryan’s wonderful personality. Though I was always stressed out during the MBA application process, I felt “healed” when I had counseling time with him. Bryan was always someone who cared about his clients and was someone who I could really trust. Thanks to him, the MBA application was almost stress-free for me. I met some of Bryan’s other clients several times, and I strongly felt that everybody trusted him from their hearts. They seemed to face the application process with the attitude; “We either swim together or sink together. If we cannot succeed with Bryan, then there’s nothing more we can do.”

I will definitely recommend Bryan to my friends who aspire towards an MBA. Bryan really took care of me. Thank you very much!


Yale, UCLA, Cornell (w/  scholarship), Darden (w/ scholarship)

I was so lucky to have Bryan as my consultant. He always brought out the best in my essays by bringing out the finer details which enriched my stories and made the essays so interesting. He asked very pertinent questions like “what was the quantitative impact of a particular activity, what were the reactions of your teammates for this achievement” and all this probing led to minute details, making essays very appealing. The best part was how he shortened the essays to the exact word limit without missing any details. He also prepared me for my interview which really helped me answer the questions very confidently in actual interviews. He has a genuine passion for getting the clients into schools; he is the first one who I inform whenever I get the acceptance/interview call (accepted in Yale and Cornell) as I give him the real credit for my MBA application. I would highly recommend Elite-Essays services to any prospective MBA student. Here you can get the highest quality at the best price.


Columbia E.D.

I’ve been accepted to my dream school — the one and only program I applied to — and I have so much to thank Bryan for. He is the best counselor I could have wished for and I’m certain that all of his other students feel the same.

When I started considering MBA counselors, I was unaware of the impact one could have on my application and the process itself. I was expecting someone who would make a few suggestions on my essays and provide moral support, which is what I was looking for at the time. Bryan, however, was a very pleasant surprise. He certainly gave me the moral support I was looking for (I would not have made the deadline without his encouragement), but his professional guidance, efficient and impeccable editing and practical interview training went far beyond my expectations.

Being an atypical MBA applicant I began the application process with many concerns. Very few from my industry apply to business school so I had no one to share my uncertainties with, but Bryan answered all of my questions. He was encouraging and real at the same time, and his honesty gave me the perfect amount of confidence.

For many, the toughest and most draining component of applying is essay writing and this is where I really got to appreciate Bryan’s skills as a counselor. He responded quickly, which allowed me to resume working while everything was fresh in my mind, but the quality of his feedback was never compromised. With his help, my essays became clear and strong.

I also highly recommend Bryan for interview training. I was actually the least nervous about the interview and therefore didn’t plan on doing intensive interview training; however, I realized after speaking with Bryan that I had a lot to prepare for. Bryan helped identify the areas I needed to work on and through his targeted training and mock interviews I was able to go through my interview comfortably and confidently. This says a lot as my interviewer, an alumnus of the school, was an executive at a top firm from a feeder industry — someone who I had very little in common with.

I would also like to add that during his stay in Japan, Bryan organized free group interview sessions for his students, which was very thoughtful and generous of him.

Finally, out of everyone who congratulated me when I was accepted, Bryan was one of the people who was most excited for me. He truly cares for his students, which I think is so important when selecting a counselor, and I would like to emphasize how happy I am that I chose him and how lucky I am for being introduced to him.

Thank you so much for all your help and, Bryan, you are undeniably the best!!


Columbia E.D.

I want to write this letter to emphasize how happy I chose Bryan as my consultant. Of the numerous MBA consultants I contacted, Bryan was by far the most professional, responsive, and efficient person. I was impressive by his passion. He inspired me to choose appropriate topic for each essay. Bryan is candid about his opinion. He is extremely helpful in terms of any question during your MBA application process. Besides, Bryan always stands from his client’s perspective and his service is the most cost-effective compared with others, if you know exactly where you need assistance. More importantly, through the essay editing and mock interview, Bryan helped me gain a lot confidence. I recommend Bryan and Elite Essays to any applicant seeking a responsive and reliable consultant service. Thanks to Bryan, I am in CBS.


INSEAD (also accepted to Columbia J-term)

(translation below)




週2回のカウンセリングが基本ですが、こちらの事情をいつも配慮してくれて、何度もextra sessionをしてもらえました。Flat Rateの料金体系でここまで対応してくれるのはとても良心的だと思います。


また、「エッセイ」カウンセラーとしての能力もさることながら、私にとって一番助けになったのは、interview trainingです。帰国子女でもない私にとって、一番不安だったのはinterviewのプロセスで、実際にinterviewの練習を始めたときはさんざんな状況でした。

Bryanのinterview trainingでまず特筆すべきはその「量」です。interviewでは勿論戦略も大切だと思いますが、多くの日本人にとってはまず練習量をこなして慣れないことには始まらないと思います。Bryanとは数え切れないくらい(少なくとも20回以上)interviewの練習をしました。Flat Rateのパッケージの中でここまで面接のトレーニングをしてくれるカウンセラーは他にいないと思います。


It is still only October, and I never expected to end up with these supreme results. I applied to two schools and was accepted by both of them. Thanks to Bryan, I was able to accomplish this. Thank you very much!

I had heard it was quite important to choose the right counselor to begin the application process, so I was very careful. In fact, I met and talked with all the famous counselors. I had a very good impression from Bryan because he gave me a lot of precise information even in the first short meeting. Also, many of my senior co-workers told me positive things about Bryan. I felt he was pretty trustworthy and I made up my mind to start this process with him. After several sessions, I was convinced, and felt that I made the right decision.

There are so many good things about Bryan. Here are the points that were especially helpful to me.

“Bryan gets a lot done!”
I was very surprised how Bryan returned his edits promptly one after another. Thanks to his swift work, I was able to proceed with my applications at a good pace.

Basically, Bryan gives you two sessions a week, however, he always considered my condition and gave me extra sessions many times. It was such a reasonable deal based on a flat rate.

“Ability to bring out conversations”
I was always able to break through any difficulty when I conversed with Bryan because he integrated my various stories and presented them as a connected story line. It was wonderful.

Sessions were always fun with Bryan. During the tough application process, I even had room to breathe.

Honestly, there was only one thing of concern: Bryan lives in the U.S. and these sessions were to be conducted over Skype. However, I soon figured out that there was no problem. Skype sessions were effective. Bryan’s high communication ability enabled cordial counseling even through Skype.

Not only his great ability as an essay counselor, but also his interview training method was most helpful. I was concerned about the interview process most because I was not raised bilingual. In fact, it was a disaster when I started interview training.

It is particularly worth noting that Bryan gave me an incredible number of interview trainings. It is of course important to have a strategy, however, many Japanese cannot even think about it if you do not become accustomed to interviewing in English through practicing a lot. I had many interview trainings with Bryan, at least 20 times. I do not think any other counselor would care about interview training that much based on a flat fee.

Of course, the quality was splendid. After every training, Bryan gave me feedback about what was good, what was bad, and an assignment for the next time. I felt I developed myself each time. At the end of these trainings, I was able to deal with any irregular question and I faced the real interviews with great confidence.

I am really glad I chose Bryan as my counselor. He never showed me how busy he was, but I can imagine he deals with an incredible amount of work for many clients.

Please take good care of yourself. Thank you!