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Building Powerful Applications: Consistency & Integration

We just finished uploading a Flash presentation that provides an overview of the MBA application process. It also explains one of my strongest beliefs: that consistency and integration among your essays and other application materials are key to developing an outstanding application package. It’s taken from a talk that I’ve given many times to potential clients, and I’ve wanted to ... Read More »

Focus on the Basics

A client recently expressed his distress about everything he had to do to be competitive in the MBA application process. He was especially worried that he would not have enough time to attend many MBA Fairs or Information Sessions and that would put him at a disadvantage. I don’t believe that is necessarily true. While attending these events can be ... Read More »

Essay Questions

We’re compiling the MBA essay questions for as many of the top programs as we can as soon as they are released. There are a handful of schools that have already released. Expect a lot more in August. Click here for the list. Read More »

Attending MBA Fairs/Information Sessions

If you have the time and opportunity to attend these events, you should. You can get helpful information and make good contacts, but if you go, go prepared. How to prepare: At the very least, you should bring lots of business cards to give to admissions committee reps (adcom reps), alumni speakers, and other applicants. In this game, the bigger ... Read More »


The new blog is official. Thank you all for your patience. I’ll be using this space regularly to share my thoughts on the application process, particularly the crucial points for developing outstanding MBA applications and managing the strain of the application season. I’m looking forward to keeping in closer and more frequent communication with all of you. Speaking of which, ... Read More »