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Resumes: The Foundation of a Strong Application

Good essays start with a good resume. That might sound strange, since the standard 1-page MBA resume doesn’t provide much room. However, as a structured list of your best academic, personal and professional accomplishments your resume should be the primary source for your essay topics. And as opposed to simply describing job duties, which people in similar positions will share, a ... Read More »

Good Questions #3

Here is the last entry (for now) in a recent series of e-mail exchanges I’ve been having with an applicant. If you have questions, please let me know. 3. Looking at my profile what do you think my chances are getting into top 5 colleges assuming i get 700+ in GMAT? I understand every college looks for some special ... Read More »

Good Questions #2

The second of three good questions I recently received and my answer. 2. Almost all the colleges have essays asking how can i contribute to their college culture and what all i have done to know about the program. Looking at the question, it seems like they are looking for some specific answers. Can you give me some data ... Read More »

Good questions #1

I’ve been exchanging e-mails with an applicant and I thought his questions were good in that a lot of people ask them. Over the next few days I’ll be posting his e-mail questions and my answers. If you have questions, do shoot me an e-mail. 1. How much difference it makes when an international student applies in the second ... Read More »

Latest Questions

We’ve been steadily adding to our list of available essay questions as well. Whenever possible, we’ve included links back to the original sources. Latest addition: UCLA. All the questions are here. Read More »