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Columbia Essay Notes

I’ve started providing notes to aid with topic choices on selected essays, particularly for new or unusual essays. Last time I covered Stanford’s optional essays. This time it’s Columbia.  I know the early round deadline is just around the corner, but this will be for all the late birds and second rounders out there. (Required) Master Classes are the epitome ... Read More »

CMU/Tepper Essay Questions

Here they are, finally. Please note that it’s unclear what the length limitations are. I’ll post them as soon as I can find them. Read More »

Stanford GSB Optional Essay Analysis

Stanford’s optional essays deal with multiple dimensions of leadership and teamwork. It is often difficult to separate good leadership from good teamwork, but when it comes to choosing MBA essay topics there is a difference. A leadership story, like Options 2-4, should recount how you, working alone or with a team, confronted and hopefully overcame an external problem. A teamwork ... Read More »

UT Austin/McCombs Questions Posted

Here they are. Read More »

Goals Development #2: Realistic and Ambitious

I mentioned in a previous post the goals “sweet spot,” which falls on the spectrum between realistic and ambitious. In the last few days I’ve had several discussions that made me realize I should explain in more depth. Here is a typical exchange I’ve been having, much simplified. Applicant: “My short term goal is to be involved in IT and ... Read More »