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Wharton Recommendation Letter Questions (Class of 2016, Starting Fall 2014)

1. Describe your relationship with the applicant; what kind of role does s/he play within your team/organization? How does his/her performance compare to that of peers? (500 words) 2. Continual development is an important part of the Wharton MBA experience. What is an area of growth that you would recommend this candidate focus on during his/her two years at Wharton? ... Read More »

Thoughts on Michigan Ross: Introducing Yourself to your Ross Classmates

Ross has usually been a good “starter” school and this year is no different. The application asks for a fairly straightforward – if brief – goals essay in question two. And I advise my clients that question three can usually be answered with a typical leadership or failure essay, with the semantic adjustment of advising someone else based on what ... Read More »

IESE Deadlines (Class of 2016, Starting Fall 2014)

DEADLINES   Read More »

Georgetown McDonough Deadlines & Essays (Class of 2016, Starting Fall 2014)

DEADLINES ESSAYS (Essays should be double-spaced using a 12-point font.) Essay One: (answer both part A and part B) Part A: What is your short-term goal following graduation from the Georgetown McDonough Full-time MBA Program? What skills are you seeking to develop or improve upon in order to reach your goals? (500 words or fewer) Part B: What is your long-term career goal? (100 words ... Read More »

Oxford Said Deadlines & Essays (Starting August 2014, Class of 2015)

DEADLINES   ESSAYS 1) What should Oxford expect from you? (Maximum 500 words) 2) How do you hope to see your career developing over the next 5 years?  How will the MBA and Oxford assist you in the development of these ambitions? (Maximum 500 words) 3) Please choose and answer one of the two essays below: – Sport is pure comeptition.  ... Read More »