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VIP Recommenders


Who do you think would make the better MBA recommender: A) a hotshot CEO who happens to be friends with your parents and whom you’ve met a handful of times? – OR – B) your direct supervisor who knows you well but whom the adcom has never heard of? This issue arises at least several times a year, and there ... Read More »

2014-2015: The Year of the LOR Consortium


I’m not sure if this was a purposeful group decision among the schools involved or more a case of follow-the-leader, but it looks like the following MBA programs are all using the same two (and only two!) Letter of Recommendation questions this year: Chicago Booth Columbia HBS Kellogg Stanford Michigan Ross (only one letter required) UCLA Anderson (kind of, they added ... Read More »

2014-2015 MBA Application Strategy Overview


So the trends for this year continue the drastic streamlining of the MBA application process, which really accelerated last  year with HBS‘ bold decision to essentially make essay writing optional. This year, many schools have followed in spirit, with Stanford now requiring only two essays (down from three last year), Wharton requiring only one (two last year), Kellogg only three (four ... Read More »

Chicago Booth Deadlines & Essays (Class of 2017, Starting Fall 2015)


DEADLINES ESSAYS Below are the questions for the 2014-15 application. Presentation/Essay: Chicago Booth values adventurous inquiry, diverse perspectives, and a collaborative exchange of ideas.  This is us.  Who are you? Presentation/Essay Guidelines Be reflective. We’ve learned a lot about you throughout the application, but what more should we know? Interpret broadly.  “Who are you?” can be interpreted in many different ways.  We ... Read More »

Kellogg Deadlines & Essays (Class of 2017, Starting Fall 2015)


DEADLINES ESSAYS For 2014-2015, the following two essays are required of all applicants: Resilience. Perseverance. Grit. Call it what you will…. Challenges can build character. Describe a challenging experience you’ve had. How were you tested? What did you learn? (450 words) Leadership requires an ability to collaborate with and motivate others. Describe a professional experience that required you to influence ... Read More »