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Testimonial: Michigan Ross

It was very exciting and intriguing work to write essays with Bryan! At first, I tried to write them by myself but found myself at a loss on how to reflect my key events of my life, describe them and crystalize them into sentences. But Bryan helped me and sometimes pushed me to deeply reflect on my career and explore the key ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: LBS, Duke Fuqua, UT Austin McCombs

I just completed all MBA application processes and was fortunately admitted to LBS, Fuqua, and McCombs. However, I could not have achieved these great results without the help of Bryan. Now I feel that my decision on working with Bryan was correct! First, Bryan has really excellent listening skills. He asked many questions from various angles to reveal “Who I am” in ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Ross, Darden (full scholarship)

I believe a good counselor should help applicants reach the schools for which their profiles have already qualified, while a great counselor should bring applicants to somewhere that was thought impossible in the beginning. Fortunately, I met with the latter. With a low GPA (average 75 out of 100), most people doubted my chance of getting into a top school. However, ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: HBS (2) (also accepted to Haas and Kellogg)

Hi, Bryan. Just received the results from HBS. Yes!!! Therefore, my destination will be Boston! Bryan, thank you for all your support in bringing out the best out of me. I re-read my first essay which I sent to you in May last year (it was awful!!), and I cannot believe how much deeper and stronger you helped me make my ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: MIT Sloan Fellows

When I started to write my own story, I felt horrible because my story was really boring and dull. However, Bryan helped me to find a lot of different things which I did not even realize to mention in the beginning. He also supported me to rethink about my past decision which is connected with what I am and where ... Read More »