HBS Deadlines, Essays, Recommendation Questions (Class of 2017, Starting Fall 2015)


 Application DeadlineDecision Notification
Round 1September 9, 2014December 2014
Round 2January 5, 2015March 2015
Round 3April 6, 2015May 2015
Applications due by 12 Noon EST.


You’re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, awards, post-MBA career intentions, test scores, and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?


• How do the candidate’s performance, potential, background, or personal qualities compare to those of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples. (300 words)

• Please describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (250 words)

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