Testimonials 2015-2016

Featured Testimonial – CMU Tepper

If Bryan had not helped me, I could not have joined the Tepper School. I really appreciate his and his wife’s strong help. As a sponsored employee, I was deeply ailed by strong pressure. In October, I started to prepare for resume and essays with one of the big MBA counseling companies. Unfortunately, my GMAT score was so low and ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: LBS, INSEAD, Fuqua (undecided)

I was referred to Bryan by a friend who made it to Tuck after working with him. I was in discussions with a number of consultants at the time, but wasn’t particularly impressed with any of them. What struck me most about my initial interaction with Bryan was the personal connect that we forged in a short span of time, ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial – HBS

Applying to any business school can be stressful given not only the application requirements themselves but also the daily job requirements that can leave you little time to work on the applications. Bryan proved instrumental in helping me balance my day to day job requirements with my application requirements. In many ways, to me, Bryan was part psychiatrist, part advisor, ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: IESE

At the end of February, I was finally admitted by IESE, my No. 1 choice. Reflecting on these very demanding months, I believe I am a very very lucky man. That is because I worked with the right counselor. Without his dedicated support, I can not imagine my accomplishment in this application process. Bryan can identify what aspects of clients ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Kellogg (also admitted to Ross)

The MBA application process was tough, but I really enjoyed working with Bryan. He is famous for his editing skill. MBA applicants, especially Japanese applicants, believe that his editing ability is his biggest appeal point. Yes and No. I was surprised that some counselors edit draft essays only when they meet their clients. I doubt clients can obtain well thought ... Read More »