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New site is up!

As you can see, the new site is up and we’re really happy with it. We’ll be making some minor changes to it over the next week or so, but we hope you enjoy the new format. I’ll be resuming a more regular blogging schedule also. Thanks very much for your patience and feedback, and welcome to the new Elite ... Read More »

New Website Coming

We’re really excited to be re-launching. Should be some time next week. Please check back for all the latest information, including about the new Elite Essays scholarship, re-applicant assessment package, and essay analyses for January 2010 enrollment programs. In the meantime, I hope you like the new logo above. Read More »

2009-10: The New Ethics in B-schools

The NY Times published a must-read article for MBA applicants and potential applicants, the implications of which point to some changes in this year’s new application questions. I’ll make some predictions here and we can see how well I do this summer when MBA programs start to release their 2009-10 questions. Here is the link. Also here: The lead ... Read More »

Looking Back and Forward

While everyone is playing the waiting game, I thought I would offer a few thoughts about this past season and what it might mean for future applicants. With the wrecked economy and so many people applying to business school as a result, everyone knew the application process this year would be tough. And it’s been true. Even my clients that ... Read More »

Stuck in the Middle: Waitlists

When I wrote previously about push materials for waitlisted applicants, I mentioned that some schools encourage them but others don’t, and that you can’t adopt the same waitlist strategy for every school. To demonstrate my point I’m including parts of waitlist notifications received by some of my clients. NYU encourages additional materials: “Below are some of the ways you can ... Read More »