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Featured Testimonial: Accepted to Kellogg, Haas, LBS, Ross & Tepper

I chose Bryan as my partner for this journey because of his reputed editing ability, past successful record, and recommendations from my senior colleagues. Throughout this process, I found three strengths beyond just his editing ability. First of all, he has exceptional ability to ask good questions to dig out my stories. After several question and answer emails about my ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Japanese-English LOR Translation Service (UCLA, USC)

私自身がMBA初受験であり、推薦者の方々もMBAについての知識がゼロだった中、最も苦労したのは各質問で学校側が聞きたい要素を精確に捉え、適切なエピソードを見つけ出すことでした。その中で、Kaoriさんの存在は不可欠でした。非常に高いコミュニケーションスキルと分析力で、質問の意図を明確にしていただき、最も効果的にアドミッションにアピールできる内容を推薦者に書いていただくことができました。 また、巷の英訳サービスは日本語を英訳するだけに留まりますが、Kaoriさんは上記のようなコンサルと英訳を兼ねている点、Bryanさんとの連携によりEssayの内容も踏まえたブラッシュアップができる点も大きなメリットだと感じます。第一志望の大学合格にはKaoriさんのお力が欠かせませんでした。本当にありがとうございました。 Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Columbia EMBA

I am sure that I could not have gotten this far without Bryan’s thorough support and precise advice that he had shaped through abundant experience as a journalist of media giants and cultivated through an incomparable record of assistance in applications. Since it was the first time for me to apply to any MBA programs, I didn’t have any clue ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Imperial College (plus 5 other programs)

I am really proud that I could have an opportunity to share my successful experience with Elite Essays’ counseling. I started to work with Bryan in August 2016, submitted an application for each school in January 2017, and received offers from schools at the end of February. I decided to enroll at Imperial College Business School, even though I received ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: Columbia EMBA

I had a very good experience working with Bryan. He mainly supported my essay polishing and also reviewed my application package including resume, application form, etc. His approach to the application process, which was first to understand my career goal and why MBA deeply and then to proceed one topic at a time, worked very well. His feedback was very ... Read More »