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Featured Testimonial: Stanford GSB (also accepted to Wharton)

I met Bryan right after I started my MBA application process. In February, when I told my senior about my decision to apply, she warned me that if I did not contact Bryan soon, his spaces would fill up. In fact, two other senior colleagues I worked with on projects said they chose to work with Bryan as well. I ... Read More »

New Elite Essays Admissions App!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our new online MBA admissions app! It will keep us in closer sync with our clients through the constant changes in application plans that almost everyone experiences. It will also save us a lot of time by hosting all the most important application-related information for each school in one place. I always thought of this ... Read More »

Featured Testimonial: UC Berkeley Haas

I am certainly convinced that I made a good choice to work with Bryan. Without his great, professional help, I would never be admitted to my dream school. I chose Bryan as my partner because my senior colleague worked with him and I heard about the colleague’s great result and his immense trust in Bryan. Actually, for my entire application ... Read More »

Recent Client Feedback – Thank you!

UT AUSTIN MCCOMBS W/ $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP Hi, Bryan. I wanted to let you know I decided to go to McCombs. I also received a scholarship, $10,000, from McCombs yesterday! Through the entire application process, I really appreciate all your help over the past two years. I could not have been admitted to McCombs without your help. It was a long ... Read More »

2017 MBA オリエンテーション in New York

MBA受験に向けた「1日合宿」を開催!合宿では、長年経験を積んだMBA コンサルタントのBryanが、成功する出願のプロセスのノウハウ、レジュメ&ゴールエッセイの肝などを教授します。ニューヨーク在住受験生の方々にとっては、同じ志の方々と出会うネットワーキングに最適の機会です。ぜひ奮ってご参加ください。 オリエンテーションでは以下をカバーします。 Why So Difficult?Overview of the Entire MBA Application Process The Application Foundation: Your Resume and Goals Essay Past Success Is Future Success: The Strategic Importance of Your Past Accomplishments Who Wins and Who Loses?Best Practices in the MBA Application Process No One Is Perfect: Managing Weaknesses in Your Application (Low GPA, Lack of Personal Activities/Hobbies, Etc.) 日時:5月6日(土)午前10時から午後3時まで 場所:ブライアン自宅(マンハッタンuptownから車で15分) 参加費:無料 昼食付き 参加ご希望の方は下のフォームをご利用ください。何かご質問があればこちらへ直接メールをください。 ... Read More »